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3 Reasons to Get a Premarital Agreement 

The Law Offices of Ronald K. StitchNovember 12, 2020

Weddings are those beautiful moments where not only two people publicly display their love, but two families begin their journeys of intermingling during holidays and major events. Weddings are magical events that reinvigorate the love in any couple or create a yearning in those still waiting to find “the one.” However, there is a difference between magic and reality. The reality is, when two people commit to each other, they are committing to more than just love. Our Westlake Village premarital agreements attorneys at the Law Offices at Ronald K. Stitch are in the business of protecting you before, during, and, if it occurs, after a marriage. We are experts in premarital agreements.

Here are three reasons to get a premarital agreement.

Reason 1: You Are The Breadwinner

Premarital agreements aren’t the most romantic things to talk about with your partner, but they are necessary if you earn significantly more than your partner. This isn’t to say that because you earn more than you are entitled to leave your partner high and dry if your divorce. Instead, it creates a boundary for how much alimony your partner may try to obtain from you if the divorce occurs. With couples marrying later in life, you may have reached your best financially. We are here to protect you from losing any of that hard work.

Reason 2: You Want to Raise a Family

You and your partner may have dreams of creating a family, whether naturally or through adoption. You two may have discussed who will stay at home or who will be financially responsible. If the plan is for you to take care of the family while your partner keeps the job, it may be your favor to get a premarital agreement. Our attorneys will ensure that you are appropriately compensated in the unfortunate event that your marriage ends while you still have little ones at home. Just because the plan was to keep your life on hold while you raise children does not mean that you should not be compensated for your time and work raising children.

Reason 3: Your Soon-To-Be has Significant Debt

Because people are marrying later in life, they often carry debt from school or personal situations. The vows are for better or worse, but when it comes to divorce, you don’t want to be stuck being responsible for your partner’s debt from before your marriage. Getting a premarital agreement can protect you from continuing to make payments that aren’t related to your marriage.

What To Do

Premarital agreements are private and intimate documents that can be sensitive for either partner. We are not in the business of judging. We are in the business of protecting you. Whether you make the most money or the least money in the partnership, a premarital agreement will protect you if the bottom drops out. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or by calling 818-237-4574.

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