A High Net Worth Professional Negotiator

Negotiation, either with or without lawyers, is how most family law issues are ultimately decided. In addition to my mediation and legal practice, I also offer my services as a professional negotiator to assist parties and their attorneys in high-net-worth cases.

Many California courts advise parties in dispute to at least attempt to resolve the matter in private negotiation or mediation. This helps everyone keep their future in their own hands — in negotiation, you can fight for your interests without following strict litigation procedures.

Let My Experience Guide You

At the Law Offices of Ronald K. Stitch, you benefit from the skills and knowledge of a certified family law specialist. From my office in Westlake Village, I represent clients throughout Los Angeles and Ventura County. I have practiced family law for 35 years, providing creative solutions that help clients avoid the stress and cost of lengthy divorce and custody litigation.

I have been successful in advising clients outside of my local geographical area and in other legal jurisdictions before and during private mediation or trial. I offer a fresh perspective that may help resolve your case.

Contact A Ventura County Family Law Attorney

To schedule a free consultation with me in my Westlake Village office, please call 818-707-0202 or contact me by email. I work with a team of legal professionals who can ensure your negotiation needs are met.

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