Westlake Village Complex Property Division Attorney

Most divorce cases are not easy to go through, and one of the most complicated aspects of a divorce is the separation of property. This process is certainly the case when the couple has more than moderate means. At the Law Offices of Ronald K. Stitch, our Westlake Village complex property division attorney is ready to help you through this process as well as all other aspects of your divorce.

These issues require skilled legal assistance

It would help if you had an attorney by your side when your divorce involves complex property issues. In many cases, a Westlake Village divorce includes the following:

  • Savings and checking accounts
  • Business valuations
  • Division of real estate, including the marital home or other property
  • Retirement accounts (401ks, IRAs, etc.)
  • Investment portfolios
  • Division of investment accounts
  • Investments and collectibles, including art collections, jewelry, cars, and more

California is considered a community property state. Any property acquired while two people are married is considered jointly owned. If the couple divorces, the law requires that all marital property be divided equitably. It is essential to keep in mind that equity does not necessarily mean equality. The family court system aims to ensure fairness for both parties.

Debts are also impacted by a divorce

In many cases, divorcing couples also have debt. This can include:

  • Mortgage debt
  • Property debt
  • Credit card debt
  • Personal loan debt
  • Car loan debt
  • Student loan debt
  • And more

In California, debts are also divided, but not in the same way that property is divided. Debts are divided equally, regardless of whose name they are in. If the debt was acquired during the marriage, it will be divided equally between the two parties.

This process can become complicated

A complex property divorce case could involve an extensive investigation. Your Westlake Village divorce attorney will work through the discovery process to ensure you are treated fairly. This can include:

  • Obtaining documents that disclose financial records (tax returns, loan applications, bank records, etc.)
  • Inspecting safety deposit boxes
  • Requiring depositions from the other spouse under oath

Your attorney will then handle all negotiations involved in this process. This can be a complicated process, mainly when complex assets are involved. An attorney will ensure that everything is done correctly so that there are no issues down the line.

We are ready to help you through this

One of the most complicated aspects of a divorce is the division of marital property. This is especially true for couples with higher assets or complex property issues. At the Law Offices of Ronald K. Stitch, we understand that you need help in these situations. To ensure you are treated fairly, our Westlake Village complex property division attorneys will handle every aspect of your divorce. We have the experience you need to get through this. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 818-707-0202.

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