Is Family Law Mediation For You?

During a mediation session, the mediator will work directly with you and your spouse to help you arrive at resolutions for your family law matters that you can agree on. The process is generally less formal than litigation, providing greater control and flexibility when settling disputes. It also provides a more significant opportunity for you to resolve matters amicably. Resolving issues quickly through mediation will likely prevent your children from becoming entangled in disputes that should only involve the two parents.

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Consider The Benefits Of Mediation

The benefits of mediation are clear:

  • Cost savings: Mediation aims to help parties reach agreements to avoid litigation. Protracted litigation can result in significant legal fees. In most cases, mediation can provide a more affordable solution to traditional divorce litigation.
  • More power and control: In traditional divorce litigation, the parties let their attorneys take charge, often losing control over how the process proceeds. Once cases go before a judge, spouses lose all control over the issues that significantly impact their lives, including property division, child custody, and spousal support.
  • A more amicable divorce: When parties meet with a mediator, they do so to resolve their disputes. An experienced mediator can help spouses work out their differences and work toward a resolution they can both accept.
  • Better for children: Children are often caught in the middle when parents get involved in protracted custody battles. Rather than fighting it out in court, mediation enables parents to reach an agreement and avoid unnecessary acrimony. Reaching an agreement each parent can accept is the first step to effective co-parenting after a divorce.
  • A brighter future: Lengthy litigation — especially when it involves heated custody battles — creates resentment. Such resentment often fuels continued feuds that lead to future legal entanglements. People who mediate have an active say in the outcome of their cases and are less likely to get tangled in a revolving litigation door.

However, like litigation, a successful mediation depends on your specific circumstances. While settling certain issues is relatively easy, contentious divorce and child custody disputes can require time and effort. This is particularly true when one party has more power in the relationship, or a child’s safety is at risk.

Let’s Discuss Which Approach Is Best For Your Unique Circumstances

Shape your future. Consider mediation as an alternative to the traditional divorce litigation process. I tailor my approach to the unique circumstances of each case. To learn whether mediation is right for you, please call me at 818-707-0202 or email me. We can discuss how I can help you as your mediator or lawyer during a free initial consultation at my Westlake Village, California, law office.

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