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How the Media Impacts Celebrity Divorce

The Law Offices of Ronald K. StitchJune 22, 2021

The media looms around the corner of almost every celebrity divorce. Fundamental rules of privacy appear to be missing when celebrity couples split. This is especially apparent with the recent divorce cases of Kim Kardashian and Bill Gates.

The media can have a huge impact on the lives of celebrities through their divorce process. It is important to not let the media control your divorce arrangements. Divorce is already a complicated process and we, at the Law Offices of Ronald K Stitch, want to make that process as smooth as possible. If you find yourself needing guidance through a celebrity divorce, contact our Westlake Village divorce attorneys today.

Celebrity divorces

According to the latest reporting statistic, 23% of married couples in the United States divorce, and “the average divorce rate of Hollywood celebrities is 52%.” The media tends to focus on celebrity divorce and splits over any other aspect of celebrity lives.

Social media has shown us that in the world of celebrity divorce, nothing is private anymore. The media has the entire public inserting their opinions into an arraignment that should be entirely private.

Social impact and social conditioning are one of the top reasons for celebrity divorce. In a celebrity marriage, pressures and exposure are higher, which puts a strain on the relationship.

Media Impact

The Marriage Foundation has criticized the media for inserting themselves into celebrity marriages and publicizing aspects of their lives that should remain private. This media’s overindulgence in celebrity lives has caused issues between celebrity couples that sometimes result in divorce.

We have seen the media sway public opinion to force a settlement. The media will try to pin one person against the other and spin negative stories to reach a quick, sometimes unwanted, settlement. With recent media trends, whoever gets their side out into the media first, tends to win the court of public opinion.

Dealing with divorce is an already stressful and strenuous process, one should not have to deal with the media and public opinion, as well.

What should you do?

There are ways to avoid the media and letting it have an impact on your divorce. Celebrity divorces are high profile cases and media coverage can damage one’s career and brand, here are a few steps to avoid the media onslaught:

  1. Stay quiet and avoid “arguing” your own case
  2. Have your lawyers speak for you
  3. Deny negative allegations
  4. Avoid the public and media as much as possible

The first step in a celebrity divorce is to contact an experienced attorney immediately. Should you find yourself involved in a celebrity divorce, contact the Law Offices of Ronald K Stitch and an experienced Westlake Village divorce attorney will be there to help you.

We have two decades of experience and are equipped with the experience and legal understanding to deliver results that protect your future. To schedule a meeting with a Westlake Village divorce attorney, please call 805-379-4550 or complete the intake form found here.

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