Covid-19 Pandemic Resulted in Higher Divorce Rate

By The Law Offices of Ronald K. Stitch|June 17, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic undeniably impacted the lives of Americans in several ways. Some of how the pandemic affected Americans are obvious and direct. Naturally, those who have been infected with the virus have had to undergo medical treatment, cope with both short-term and long-term symptoms, and even face the possibility of losing their lives.

The pandemic’s influence on the economy and various industries has also been deeply felt by many if not most, people in the country. During the height of the pandemic, Americans were not participating in a wide range of activities that they might have otherwise participated in during a “normal” year. This resulted in seemingly countless businesses facing unexpected financial losses and hardships. Employees of such companies and organizations struggled with the consequences accordingly.

Such effects of the pandemic are undeniably significant. However, the pandemic may have also yielded other indirect consequences that, while more accessible for some to overlook, are no less worthy of attention. Specifically, early research and statistics indicate there is strong reason to believe that the pandemic may have triggered an increase in divorce rates across the country.

How the Covid-19 pandemic may have resulted in more divorces in the US

From March 2020 through June 2020, the rate of American couples seeking divorce increased by 34% compared to 2019. This data comes from a study conducted by a company that provides various types of legal documents. During this time, when divorce rates skyrocketed, those most likely to file for divorce tended to be newly married couples.

It is easy to understand why this may have been the case. The pandemic forced virtually all Americans to make significant adjustments to their lifestyles. For many, this involved spending more time at home with their spouses.

Married couples who had been together for a relatively long time when the pandemic struck might have had more time to grow accustomed to one another’s company in the past. Thus, although being forced to spend much more time together than usual would have been somewhat stressful for these couples; they may have also been better equipped to cope with such changes than those who had only been married for a short time.

Of course, it is too soon to say precisely which factors did and did not contribute to a higher divorce rate during the pandemic. This is partially because the impact of the pandemic on divorce rates has yet to entirely subsided. However, it can be argued that the various stresses experienced by individuals during the pandemic (such as stresses related to loss of work or anxiety) might have also negatively impacted how married couples communicated and interacted with one another.

A higher divorce rate typically correlates with increased demand for divorce attorneys’ services. If you live in the Westlake Village, California, area and are preparing to divorce your spouse, ensure your rights are protected by hiring a Westlake Village divorce attorney at the Law Offices of Ronald K. Stitch to provide the legal assistance you need. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us online or at 818-707-0202 to arrange a free consultation.

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