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Will Coronavirus Stay At Home Orders Increase Divorces?

The Law Offices of Ronald K. StitchApril 14, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has swept across the United States and significantly altered most people’s way of life. Due to staying at home orders issued by Gov. Newsome, many Californians are spending much more time with their spouses than they are accustomed to. While this may seem like a positive side effect of the stay at home orders, this may end up leading to a higher divorce rate. At the Law Offices of Ronald K. Stitch, our Simi Valley divorce attorneys want to discuss how COVID-19 may lead to a couple wanting a divorce.

Will Staying at Home Lead to Leaving the Home?

While many people are celebrating the byproduct of being able to spend more time with their families while under stay at home orders, evidence has emerged that the coronavirus pandemic may lead to an increase in divorces. Areas in China that were under lockdown due to COVID-19 have reported the divorce rate has risen since the pandemic began.

It seems that, at least for some couples, spending more time together has not been a good thing. Whereas many couples were used to spending significant time apart from their spouse, they may have now lost their jobs or have been asked to work from home. We understand these stay at home orders can be hard on couples, and the team at the Law Offices of Ronald K. Stitch is here to help. If you are considering getting a divorce, we want to discuss every aspect of the process with you. This includes:

Divorce can be complicated in good times, but this is especially the case as the nation deals with the coronavirus epidemic.

Domestic Violence

Emergency services and national domestic violence hotlines have reported an increase in domestic violence instances due to stay at home orders. If you are in an unsafe domestic situation and can do so, please call the Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. If you are in an emergency situation, please contact the police as soon as you can. Nobody has to be subjected to abuse by a spouse or domestic partner.


We understand that mediation could be beneficial for couples, and we want to help. You may even be able to work out any issues you are having and decide that a divorce is not the route forward.

Let Us Help You Through This

If you are considering a divorce, you need to speak to a qualified attorney as soon as possible. At the Law Offices of Ronald K. Stitch, we are continuing to serve residents of Simi Valley throughout the coronavirus pandemic. We strongly encourage that you call our offices to discuss your divorce and family law concerns. We are ready to help you through this in the most convenient and healthy way possible. We understand that COVID-19 may prevent traditional methods of preparing for and going through a divorce. However, we are ready to get you through this. Let our Simi Valley divorce attorneys get to work on your case today. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or by calling 818-707-0203.

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